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What Men Want on a First Date

As Dating Experts, we regularly receive feedback on first dates from our male clients. Having looked at general themes within this feedback, we have discovered what men want on a first date. Here, we share insider knowledge to help you make every date a success!

First Date Tips

Six tips to ensure that your first date goes off without a hitch:

  1. Clear Communication

Men appreciate clear and well communicated plans. Be specific about when you are available and try not to alter the date and time of your date unless necessary. Too much back and forth about when and where will make a guy feel uneasy.

Meet at the agreed time. Nobody likes to be left waiting on a date, especially a first date. Make sure you have already decided where to park your car / checked out a public transport timetable.

  1. Relaxed Body Language

Men pick up on body language. Your date will be looking for signs like eye contact and an open posture. He will want to feel that you are interested in him and listening to what he is saying.

Avoid allowing your phone to distract you during the date. Ask open questions and show an interest in your date’s responses.

If you are calm and relaxed, your date will feel at ease in your company.

  1. No Ex Talk!

Avoid talking about your ex. If your date asks when your last relationship finished, reply, and then move on. Keep the conversation light, fun and mutually interesting. Launching into a monologue about an ex is extremely off-putting. It is also likely to shift your mindset into a less positive and optimistic place.

  1. Keep it Natural!

Men tend to find a healthy glow and a natural look more attractive than a face hidden behind layers of make-up and glitter. It is wonderful to try to look your best on a first date but do not feel you have to hide behind a mask.

  1. A Sense of Humour

A shared sense of humour always puts two people at ease. If you show up to your date with a calm and relaxed attitude, your sense of fun will shine through.

  1. Be Your Authentic Self

Both men and women can pick up on a fake easily. Ahead of the date, remind yourself that your authentic self is the best version of you. Do not try to be anything else.

Useful further reading to get your mind and body date-ready!

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We hope that learning what men want on a date will boost your confidence in your search for love, for further dating tips get in touch with our experts!

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