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A Photo of Karen at the front and Kim behind, a couple of our matchmakers

Karen and Kim, two of our matchmakers.

A Photo of Alex, Tracey, Jane and Kerry, some of our Membership Advisers

Alex, Tracey, Jane and Kerry. Some of our membership advisers.

The largest team of personal matchmakers in the UK.

The Best Kept Secret In Dating.

We carefully check out everyone of your potential dates, making sure they are 100% genuine and that they are joining for the right reasons.

Rated 5/5

Two Guarantees. One Professional Service.

We offer two types of guarantees. The first is on the numbers of matches you will receive, either on a recommendations basis or where we commit to providing confirmed introductions, where the client has gone into exchange with someone.

We also guarantee your confidentiality and that never will your photograph, profile or personal details appear on a public website or app; these will always just be shared between you, our matchmakers and carefully selected potential matches.


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0 marriages

1 no spark

2 casusal
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0 relationships

3 Dates

284 never met

Chats: 287

450 No chats

Matches: 737

No match: 63268

Swiped 67825 times

Left swipes: 3820

Right swipes: 64005

On Tinder for 6
years, 80 days

28 year old, male

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Dating Apps vs Online Dating vs Professional Matchmaking

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Are my photographs and details stored safely and never published online or displayed on a website?

Are all clients interviewed?

Is this a human service where I can chat to an Adviser prior to committing?

Is there a vetting procedure?

Do you have a UK based office I can visit?

Can you visit me in my own home?

Do you provide an in-house photography service?

Do you create me a professional profile?

Do I work with an expert throughout my membership?

Are your members from a professional background?

Do I have someone in the UK to talk to?

Always Sometimes Sometimes

Are you UK based?

Not Always Not Always

Do you offer a headhunting service?

Can I put my membership on hold if I meet someone?

Is the number of recommended introductions guaranteed?

Accredited Matchmakers

Every one of our matchmakers has been trained to a high standard through our matchmaking academy course, which is accredited by the DAA.

Members Of The DAA

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