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Could St Valentine’s Day be bad for our health?

Valentines playing card

If you are single, you may be quite ecstatic that St Valentine’s Day has been and gone. Let’s hope that it was either a triumph for you and you got an unexpected card, gift or date or that it slipped by in a low-key manner and you hardly noticed the hype that goes into this huge commercial event these days. 25 million cards and gifts are exchanged in the UK alone while £2,200,000,000 is spent on recognising the day and doing something to celebrate it!

Is it all hype and pressure?

However, Psychologist Mehezabin Dordi feels strongly about it and questions whether or not the hype and pressure could actually be detrimental to some people’s mental health, irrespective of whether they are single or not, simply because the hype and pressure around it is so great. Those in a relationship tend to feel compelled to make grander and grander gestures each year, while those not currently with a partner may feel that the whole country is celebrating apart from themselves when in reality they actually aren’t – it just feels like it.

If you analyse the statistics, 25 million cards were sent this year out of a population of 67,330,000 according to Google, so just over 37 million would have had a card or gift. However, the top ranked recipients were as follows:

  1. Wives
  2. Mothers
  3. Kids
  4. Family members not in a relationship
  5. Pets

Rather than it being people pitching in for romance, as they may have done years ago.

Over the last 2 decades perhaps the pressure has built even more because of the impact of social media, postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok. Social media increases the hype and pressure to conform. To the uninformed, it may appear that everybody else’s life is just one endless romantic dream of the perfect personal relationship, when the reality may well be the total opposite to that, and in most instances probably is … apart from on Valentine’s Day, perhaps.

Maybe we shouldn’t be beating ourselves up if our St Valentine’s Day wasn’t quite perfect or as we would have wished. We understand this may be difficult with all of the hype out there. Valentine’s Day can create feelings of low self-esteem that can be difficult to shake off.

A celebration of love.

Perhaps the best way of creating positive thoughts about the day is to remember it is a celebration of love that dates back to the 3rd century when Saint Valentine began arranging and carrying out marriages in ancient Rome. It is therefore a historical celebration and remembrance of an act of great love and kindness, far removed from the hype and pressure that surrounds the day today, thank goodness.

Come to think of it, St Valentine was actually an early matchmaker and a forerunner of exactly what we do today, which is bringing eligible people together, to see if they have chemistry and would like to take their potential romance further. We would be happy to do for you too, if you’re one of the 23 million plus singles out there in the UK.

Maybe a matchmaker is the cure.

Our service is vastly different to online dating or swiping left or right on a superficial dating app, as every one of our members has been personally interviewed and carefully checked out before they are allowed to join us, which is our major differential when compared to other forms of dating.

It also enables us to absolutely vouch for the quality and genuineness of our database – which gives us a head start on finding you a partner of high quality for St Valentine’s Day 2024. Now that has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? Particularly if this year’s wasn’t quite up to the hype the marketers created.

So why not get in touch and let us start the ball rolling while it’s very much in your mind?

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